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Toyota Tundra | 4Runner | Tacoma OEM Steering Wheel Black Leather Red Stitching and Stripe

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We have this custom OEM steering wheel instock for the Toyota Tundra | 4Runner | Tacoma vehicles.  This steering is configured as such:

  • Standard Top
  • Red 12 o'Clock Stripe
  • Red Stitching
  • Preforated Leather Thick Hand Grips
  • Black Leather

Standard Description:

Upgrade the interior of your Toyota Tundra, 4Runner, or Tacoma with the new Vivid Racing Steering Wheel.  Vivid Racing has done steering wheels like this for cars such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, and more!  This steering wheel upgrade brings in proper ergonomics and luxury feeling that the Toyota OEM steering wheel simply does not have.  Now you can have the look of high end German automobiles or the rival Ford Raptor to your everyday truck, the Tundra.  You spend hours behind the wheel during work and on road trips, might as well make driving feel good!  The new steering wheel is based off of OEM steering wheel cores.  Vivid Racing's factory alters the shape while keeping the original inner ring for safety.  The steering wheel features beefier hand grips at 9 and 3 positions giving you proper driving ergonomics.  The steering wheel features an colored 12 o'clock ring and eloquent matched stitching.  With genuine leather, the feel and durability is much better than the original.  Because these are made off a factory steering wheel core, you retain your original buttons and trim along with reusing your airbag.  This is not a simple cover but a re-engineered steering wheel!

When you configure the options for your steering wheel, you will notice there is a core charge.  Once we receive your original steering wheel back here at the Vivid Racing headquarters, we will refund you this core amount.  If you choose to keep your stock steering wheel, you just forfeit the core charge.  


  • Toyota Tundra 2013-2019
  • Toyota 4Runner 2010-2019
  • Toyota Tacoma 2016-2019


  • Installation requires you to swap over your trim, buttons, and airbag.  Steering wheel removal requires a tool.  Dealer or shop recommended for installation