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Domello Off Road - HOOP Bumper - Toyota 4th Gen 2010-2021

Original price $1,650.00
Original price $1,650.00 - Original price $1,650.00
Original price $1,650.00
Current price $1,599.00
$1,599.00 - $2,050.00
Current price $1,599.00

DeMello Off-Road's 10-20 4runner 3 hoop bumper is built with mild steel and designed to offer high clearance and maximum strength while maintaining a light weight option for the front of your 10-20 4runner.

DeMello Off Road bumpers are made with a 1/4in winch plate 3/16in reinforcements and 1/8in skin that makes for a strong but lightweight option for the front of your truck or SUV.

When Toyota released the new 4runner in 2010 they gave aftermarket manufacture some challenges to overcome. The transition from bumper to body has now changed. DeMello Off-road answered with two options, for a more factory look you can simply cut your factory plastic bumper to fit and fill in the gap. Or we offer an additional metal insert that attaches to the body of the 4runner to help reduce bumper interference and give a more traditional look. The transition piece will come either bare-metal or powder coated simi-gloss black. We recommend having it professionally finished and installed by a body shop for the best fit and finish in the color of your vehicle to match your 4runner. (please ask questions before ordering the optional fill piece)

The 4runner bumper is available with powder coating, but powder coating holds no warranty against shipping damage or normal wear in tear.

  • Please note: we offer both a 2010-2013 4runner bumper with turn signals and a 2014-2017 model without lights. Please make sure you order the correct model. 
  • Please note: that your factory washer bottle will be exposed after bumper is installed.
  • Please note: this bumper can only ship freight and there may be additional shipping cost. Will call is always a option as well.
  • Please note: Powder coating is an option and holds no warranty from defects and damages. It will not protect the bumper from scratches, rust, trail damage, street damage or other. We do our best to ship the product to you without damage to the powder coating, but it has no written or other warranty
  • Please note: Shown with 3 hoop option, powder coating option, light option and winch. Not all that is shown in the picture comes with the bumper. 
  •  Please note: some pictures are shown with option fill plate not currently in production. We recommend cutting the factory bumper to fit the bumper. Please contact for details. 
  •           Please note: Bumpers are generally made to order.