Do you sell Used Products?

Everything we sell is 100% brand new.

What is you return policy?

Check our returns info page.

How much is your shipping? 

Check our Shipping info page.

What if i don't want to a "signature require for delivery"? 

We ship almost all packages with a signature required for delivery. If you specifically want us NOT to require a signature for delivery, please make a notation in the "Order Comments" field you see on the order form.

PLEASE NOTE: Any insurance claims for damaged items and/or stolen goods from your doorstep that are NOT honored by the shipping carrier because you requested a signature not be required for delivery is NOT our responsibility.

We will not cover the cost!

I received my item and upon opening it, the item is damaged! What do I do now?

 First, please DO NOT install the product. Retain all packaging material, the damaged item, and anything else that came with the product. Call us right away so we can start a damaged shipment claim.How long does it take to process an order?

My receipt says I was charged for 20lbs of shipping and the UPS tracking number only indicates that a 9lb package was shipped, why did you charge me for a 20lb package?

Some items are larger than others and we need to enter DIMENSIONAL weight for shipping cost accuracy, especially for larger items that need to ship with express shipping. Carriers such as UPS & Fedex charge by dimensions, rather than weight.

Do you take orders over the phone?

No, only online.

What if i have a question about one of the products?

You can contact us by either sending and email or phone (please check our Contact us info page)


What if i want to change or cancel my order?

You can modify or cancel your order within 1 business day or if your order has not yet been shipped out from our warehouse

Why is my credit/debit card being declined? 
The usual decline reasons are:

a.There are not enough funds to pay for the order.
b.The billing address for the credit/debit card does not match the one you have in the order.
c.The CVV code or credit card expiration date you put in is incorrect.

My credit/debit card payment did not go through but why do I see it deducted from my account?
It means there was an attempt to make a purchase using the card but then we were not allowed to take the payment because of a mismatch on the billing address or the CVV code.  It is a pending charge that should clear out of your account in 3 to 5 business days.


Why was my order cancelled?
Orders are cancelled for the following reasons:

a.Your billing address does not match the shipping address.  Documents requested to verify the validity of the order or the owner of the card used to make the payment was not received.
b. Incomplete and invalid shipping information.
c.All items in your order are no longer available. 




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